Laguna Beach Engagement Session

Laguna Beach is home to the most beautiful coasts in Southern California. Sara and Isaac had their session along the water flanked by rocky outcroppings with waves crashing all the while long.

Spring time in SoCal is absolutely gorgeous. Temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees, skies are clear blue, and sunsets are epic. The water, however, is a bit on the cold side. Scroll down to see the faces of Sara and Isaac when an ice cold wave washes ashore. I felt the pain, too, as I was stood in the water in my sandals – anything for the shot! Seaweed fight? I’m all about it. I love the romantic moments, but there is nothing better than capturing a couple in their element.

Walking down the beach, we found a piece of exposed rock with the light hitting perfectly. We let the sun paint Sara and Isaac to give the shots a dramatic glow. The last rays of sun silhouette their figure perfectly against the sky as the stand in the surf for one last moment.

Whether it California or Texas, let’s go to the beach for another fantastic engagement shoot. I promise you won’t be disappointed.