Wedding Portfolio

mother embraces bride after she helps put on wedding dress while bridesmaids look on with joy

bridesmaids cry and scream in joy seeing bride for the first time

couple kisses while sitting on ground surrounded by many candles that create a warm tone of orange light

bride crowd surfs supported by her friends at her wedding reception

bridal party helps bride with dress outside with dramatic sky

bride cries single tear while reading vows to groom

bride and groom kiss as they leave their wedding surrounded by guests cheering and blowing bubbles

bride and groom pose in dramatic golden sunlight wearing wedding attire while purple smoke drifts behind them

Groom kisses brides hand as they walk toward the camera while she laughs with joy

Two grooms hold hands while standing in front of old fashioned texaco gas station as cars pass in front of them

bride wipes away single tear while reading letter from groom

couple poses in front of colorful mural in brooklyn

bride and groom stand facing each other on a covered outdoor patio as the wind blows bride's veil straight up in the air

Bride poses for black and white elegant black and white photo while wearing her wedding dress with a child wearing a diaper running through the frame causing her to laugh hysterically

couple passionately sings along with music as they dace at their wedding reception

bride hugs groom at night under warm glow of string lights outside of their wedding reception

bridesmaids toast glasses before getting dressed for wedding

Couple exits wedding surrounded by shouting friends and family waiving glow sticks

bride and groom hold each other close under umbrella at night with raindrops beautifully lit from behind

Maid of honor helps bride put on shoe as others watch while everyone laughs

bride and groom lay head to head on their backs at the bottom of a spiral stair case

Bride in claw foot tub kicks leg up while wearing a high heeled stiletto in black and white

groom kisses bride on forehead outlined by golden sunlight with fall colored foliage in the background

groom fist bumps friend while escorting his bride down the aisle in black and white

dramatic couples portrait of groom kissing bride on the cheek in front of deep blue sky and the Austin skyline

Couple kisses during fireworks at night at the close of their wedding reception

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