Sekrit Theater Wedding

With or without Covid, Andy and Miriam never wanted a huge wedding. Simple, intimate, sweet, and being surrounded by those closest to them – that’s what mattered most. Their eclectic, 1950s classic style and fun personalities were made all the more exciting by their incredible wedding location

As far as unique venues go, there is no better place an Sekrit Theater. A number of years ago a former antique store owner and art director created what can only be described as a magic wonderland filled with relics from the past; a 1960s school bus, airstreams, and fun features like the iconic¬† Green House, Tiny Home, New Orleans Porch, Front Gardens,¬† Goldfish Pond, and Backyard with Chandelier Tree, and Vintage Ford Truck. The property has made it through all of Austin’s many changes over the year and will hopefully be here for years to come!

Weddings can be however you want them – small, large, romantic, fun, goofy; the list can go on and on. What’s important is to choose a style and location that best brings out your personalities.