Red Bud Isle and South Congress Engagement Photos

Combining their love of night life and the outdoors, Meredith and Steve took their¬†Red Bud Isle and South Congress¬†engagement photos a few months ago. Due to bad weather, we rescheduled the shoot almost three times. Not to worry, I’m more than happy to wait until conditions are perfect. However, that didn’t happen!

We decided to give it a go on an overcast day. Rain was in the forecast but these two stuck it out! I keep several umbrellas in my car for this very reason. As a photographer, it’s my job to roll with the punches and produce unique images no matter the circumstances. We started off at Red Bud, one of the coolest green spaces in Austin. All trails lead to the tip of the island and offer a perfect view of what central Texas is known for. We decided to throw some leaves in front of the camera for fun, too. The leaves were a little wet, but their expressions are priceless.

Next, we took the short drive over to South Congress and shot outside the San Jose Hotel. Despite the cold, the greenery was lush and full. At this point, the rain was starting to come down heavy – perfect time to take out the umbrella.

To finish the shoot, we decided to make the rain pop out of the frame. If you can’t beat it, work with it. I covered my light in a plastic bag to keep it dry and the shot came out perfect. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the results!

Worried about weather ruining your photos? I’m here to tell you that it’s not a problem. We can’t always choose the weather, but we can certainly use it to create stunning images that make it all worth while!