How to choose a photographer

As a professional photographer over these last many years, I’ve gained plenty of insight into what makes a photographer a perfect fit for a couple. Style accounts for part of the decision, but so much more that goes into finding the right match. I’ve compiled a list of F.A.Q.’s that will help any searching couple be confident in their choice.

What should I look for in my photographer’s work?
First and foremost, be sure their style and aesthetic fits what is most appealing to you. Terms like “light and airy” and “dark and moody” get thrown around a lot on blogs when searching for a photographer. However, there are many more choices than just those two. Always pay attention to the vibe of the photos – are they happy-go-lucky, hilarious, romantic, deep, elegant, or all of the above? Smiling, laughing, or feeling any strong emotion when looking at a portfolio = a perfect match. There is no substitute for images that have impact and tell a story.

How much should I spend on wedding photography?
Budget is something we don’t always like to think about, but it’s 100% factors into who you choose. Rather than set a specific amount willing to be spent, set a reasonable price range that fits within your budget. The average cost of wedding photography in Austin can range anywhere from $5000 – $8000 plus tax depending on experience, additional sessions being added such as engagements or bridals, and other add-ons like prints and albums.

Does personality play a role?
The photographer that is chosen will be the vendor at your wedding you spend the most time with. Making sure you both get along swimmingly is of the utmost importance! The best way to ensure a good fit is to have a face to face meeting on zoom or in person. Furthermore, be sure to schedule an engagement session with your photographer to break the ice. When the wedding day comes, you’ll be cracking jokes and having a blast in no time!

Couple is hoisted in the air while sitting in chairs for their hora celebration at their wedding reception

Should I hire a photographer based on whether or not they’ve worked at my venue before?
Many blogs will state that it’s extremely important for a photographer to have photographed at your venue. While it’s never bad for them to have worked there before, it certainty isn’t a requirement. New venues offer endless creativity and inspiration. If anything, not having photographed at the venue will allow for much more unique photos with a fresh take and photos that are unique to you.

groom kisses brides hands while holding her flowers as she watches with a smile on her face

What’s the takeaway? 

In conclusion, choose a photographer whose images speak to you and whose personality compliments yours. Incredible wedding photographers in Austin, TX are everywhere you look these days, but follow your intuition and you won’t be disappointed!