Fall Garden Party at Villa Antonia

Villa Antonia overlooks the Texas Hill country perched high atop hills and the trees.

Natural light streams through the windows of one of the getting-ready rooms offering dramatic shadows and bright highlights.

A little help (and a touch of makeup) from mom never hurt! Emotional moments before the ceremony between family always tug at your heart strings.

The upper-terrace roof is the perfect spot for a private first-look. Reading their vows to each other before the ceremony, couples always have a tear (or many) streaming down their faces full of joy and anticipation for what’s to come.

Overlooking the landscape on the back terrace is by far the most popular ceremony spot. This floral archway from Malleret Designs complimented the backdrop beautifully.

Let’s not forget our furry friends either. Pups and pets are always welcome at Villa Antonia!

Dinner can be enjoyed anywhere you’d like, but dining alfresco is a must in the crisp fall air.

Enjoying the first dance underneath festoon lights in the courtyard is a must. After the sun sets, the twinkling bulbs create a magical ambiance.

Having dancing and partying in the Chapel allows the space to fill with fun, excitement, and plenty of drinks. I’m pretty sure this is the only Chapel in Texas with a bar window!

A bubble exit surrounded by friends and family is the perfect way to end the evening while going out in style.

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