Fall Barr Mansion Wedding

Caitlyn and Sam had their wedding at the beautiful venue “Barr Mansion” in Austin, Texas. TheĀ 119-year-old mansion was shipped piece-by-piece from New York and reassembled outside of Austin.

Barr Mansion’s classic victorian styling inside the original house creates a stunning backdrop for details.

Natural light embraces each room providing a soft glow perfect for portraits.

The setting sun makes for a golden glow as the couple has their ceremony beneath ancient oaks.

The main house built in the late 1800’s was once the home of the Barr family. It stands majestic with it’s timeless style and authentic grandeur.

Food is not only prepared but also grown on the premises, making for a truly unique, all-inclusive farm-to-table experience.

Partying with friends and family is the best part of the evening, in my opinion! Barr’s modern reception space has ample room for performing the worm, robot, and even the running man.

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