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BARR MANSION Wedding Photography

Barr Mansion Ballroom and Farmstead is a wedding venue in Austin with seven acres of gardens, stunning landscape views and a historic mansion building with contemporary flair.

Built in 1898, the historic farmhouse was built for the Barr family on land formerly known as Sprinkle, Texas. Expanded in the year 2000, a modern reception space was added. With groomed gardens and ancient trees, the mansion is an authentic space and property - a uniquely perfect backdrop and setting for your ceremony and reception.

The seven acres of gardens provides the perfect space for your outdoor wedding ceremony, as well as varied and colorful backdrops for family group photos and couple portraits.

1. Stunning Landscaped Gardens

The venue interior features rusting exposed-bean styling with wooden tables and organic details, perfect for a natural and informal feel to your wedding, whilst still having a contemporary and luxe feel. These features provide a timeless backdrop to your wedding photos.

2. Organic Space

On the morning of the wedding, the 120+ year old Victorian mansion can be used as wedding preparation space. Getting ready on-site will reduce travel time and help your wedding day feel more relaxed.

3. Victorian Mansion

As the first certified organic venue in the country, all of the food at Barr Mansion is sourced locally, grown on site, and prepared in-house for an unparalleled dining experience.

4. Catering

5. Sustainability

Electricity is sourced from on-site solar panels, irrigation is supplemented from collected rainwater, and all disposed food is composted and used to fertilize their gardens.

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Over the years I’ve built my brand as an Austin Wedding Photographer by staying true to myself and focusing on bold color, real emotion, and photographing moments just as they are – all the laughs, tears, romance, and joy as it happens. It’s the differences from one couple to the next that make weddings unique and exciting to capture time and time again. If my images speak to who you are, feel free to reach out anytime. I look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to see what we can create together!


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